Tranquility Square Incense Holder – Pink



A minimal incense holder with round edges made by hand. This Incense holder uses incense sticks and is a black charcoal colour.

***This item is a pre-order item. Delivery is in 2-3 weeks.***

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Delivery in 2-3 weeks.


A minimal pink cubic incense holder made by hand. This incense holder is a part of the Mingo collection and is a limited edition with only 300 being made.

The Tranquility Incense Holder brings a sense of calm to your home. Design features such as a deeper ash cavity have been added to hold more.

As our products are made by hand each product will be slightly different. Characteristics such as air bubbles and minor bumps happen in the making and are unavoidable due to the nature of the natural materials used. This makes each product unique within itself, adding to its character.

Key Details: This is a stand-alone product and is hand-made from a dense eco-resin marble-like in weight and feel.

***This item is a pre-order item. Delivery is in 2-3 weeks.***

Dimensions: 23cm- Length 1.5cm- Height 2.5cm- Width

Made in United Kingdom