Who doesn’t love a decorative item? We have put together a lovely selection of little bits and pieces to make any shelf in your home that little bit more stylish. A decorative accessory can really give your home the finishing touch and show off your style. Browse our decorative collection now and find the accessory for you.

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  • Sale! Concrete Letters

    Concrete Letters

    Moxon London
    £4.50 £3.82
  • New
    Pink Porcelain Tray

    2 Tone Pink & Blue Porcelain Tray

  • Sale! Olivia Sugar Bowl

    Copper Votive

    £8.00 £5.60
  • Sale! Rose Glass Vase

    Rose Glass Vase

    £9.45 £7.56
  • Sale! Turquoise Conical Hourglass

    Turquoise Conical Hourglass

    £9.95 £8.46
  • Sale! Pink Cylinder Hourglass

    Pink Cylinder Hourglass

    £9.95 £8.46
  • Sale! Purple Cylinder Hourglass

    Purple Cylinder Hourglass

    £9.95 £8.46
  • Sale! Wonderball Cocktail Purple Snow Globe

    Wonderball Cocktail Purple Snow Globe

    £10.95 £9.31
  • Sale! Rosa Small Pyramid Trinket Box

    Rosa Small Pyramid Trinket Box

    Moxon London
    £12.00 £10.20
  • Stratton Stone Vase

    Stratton Stone Vase

    Garden Trading
  • Sale! Salado Glass Bottle

    Salado Glass Bottle

  • Sale! Aketa Square Planter

    Aketa Square Planter

    £16.95 £11.87